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Welcome to the family of Bear Creek Baptist Church and our Discipleship Groups.

All-classAl and Pam Hotz lead our Adult 2 and “JOY Class” Sunday Discipleship Groups. They have been ministering at Bear Creek Baptist Church for 19 years. Pam spent many years as a school teacher and brings that passion into her ministry at Bear Creek. After 35 years in Law Enforcement, Al is now retired and in his teaching position wants to see the fellowship between believers deepen and flow to each other from their stronger relationship with the Lord.

Lifeway’s “Explore the Bible is a book-by-book Bible study that will take us deep into the context of God’s Word and challenge us to live it out in our own context.”

In these sessions we will take a close look into the book of Matthew  challenging our character and thoughts as we face various decisions in life.

Brad Purtle leads our Youth and Young Adult 1 Sunday Discipleship Groups.  He is also our sound and media technician. He and Stephanie have been a part of our family at Bear Creek Baptist Church since 2004. They have been married since 1999 and have two boys, fifteen months apart, so there is never a dull moment in their home.

Brad began teaching in 2000 and started in Red Oak High School as a math teacher in 2009.

He was born overseas in the Dominican Republic when his parents were missionaries; however, he grew up in southwest Arkansas on a 1400 acre farm. He was very involved in sports in high school and still enjoys playing today. He graduated from Ouachita Baptist University and then moved to Texas to begin teaching. In his spare time, Brad enjoys working on as well as riding motorcycles, playing basketball, golfing, cycling, racquetball, and most other sports.

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Brother Nick teaches the pastor’s class on Sunday mornings at 9:30am.  He brings a fresh perspective to the Bible study curriculum.